These beautiful bar necklace

Pedestrian street business flower head or full of worth seeing: the old Fengxiang Silver House grace every day I do not know how much money to get into the money. Remember the first return with the mother in the silver floor in the horizontal pick up the piece of beautiful fine gold Name Necklace┬áis only 98RMB a gram, is now $ 50 per gram, could not help but think of Lu Xun’s Mr. Kong ” Pui Luomeng suit famous all over the world last year, a friend back to Shanghai in Peiluo custom custom suit this year called me back to LA, when I put the noble (more expensive than the United States to buy many times) heavy suit to his Custom Name Necklace , Looking forward to the elated suddenly into the haze shrouded, not the scapula is too tight is the sleeve is too long, oops, this pecking after the business I do not die, to wear a suit to come back to try their own. Think of last year’s son College of Medicine Welcome Ceremony Show to buy that suit was $ 150 dressed people like, only lament the classic is not suitable for everyone to wear drops.

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