Tracking a initial necklace

One night, the guy came to her room, made a romantic thing. She does not agree to propose to break up, she has found a man can give her happiness. Guy does not believe.

She said, you do not believe, see what this is? A gold Name Necklace, worth more than ten thousand yuan.

Guy had nothing to say, had to break up.

How did she know the man? The police found a phone number from her cell phone. This phone number frequently appears in her cell phone, micro letter.

Police trace thousands of miles of criminal suspects. Suspects are arrested. In the body of an unknown female body detected a man’s fine spot. Through the DNA identification, the man’s fine spot is the man who bought the initial necklace.

Why did the murder case appear? Suspects say that this woman does not fly. He wanted to give back to her gold Custom Name Necklace, afraid of women do not give, he cheated a woman to his parents to see their parents, maybe parents will be happy to present a lot of gifts.

In fact, men did not bring a woman home, brought to a woods, had a sexual relationship, and later tied the woman’s hands. Let her return the gold necklace, the woman said not brought around. Woman said, the card money, called the man to take.

Man with his hands pinch in the woman’s neck.

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