Shop the Trend: Porcelain Jewelry

Shortly after graduating from art school, I worked for an artist who hand painted her own line of ceramic housewares. She was the author of her creations from concept to production, with a kiln of her own and a small room in her apartment devoted to shipping materials.

After breaking several valuable plates and bowls on the job (and, as a Taurus, becoming the living embodiment of a bull in a china shop), I learned to appreciate the delicate constitution of ceramics. Eventually, I ventured into printing my own drawings onto a series of porcelain wall ornaments, and I still love discovering new and inventive applications for this surprisingly versatile material—which brings me to Custom Name Necklace.

While porcelain generally isn’t the first medium that comes to mind when hunting for new jewelry, in recent years it’s become increasingly accessible, with more and more artists enthusiastically embracing the trend. Something about its fragile nature makes porcelain Name Necklace feel precious and extra giftable. What’s more, porcelain is also a fresh, hypoallergenic alternative for those with metal sensitivities.

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