Really good quality and has a very nice shine to it. Well worth the money!!

This is beautiful and looks even nice in person! I purchased this for my niece as a gift and I can’t wait for to open it as I think she is really going to love it! I wish we could order these with specific names because my daughter’s names aren’t there:/ I have a Josslyn and a Jadyn and I know they would love to have something like this! Name Necklace I did purchase this necklace at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review and I am sooo thankful for the opportunity, now I know these exist! 14K Gold Name Necklace
Even at regular price this necklace is so worth it and it comes in a nice little gift box too so all you have to do is wrap it up, or heck you could probably just give the box. I’ll be going back and checking the other necklaces out to see if there are any names that do match my other family members because this will make the perfect gift for any female and like I said the price is really reasonable. I am a frequent Amazon shopper and I totally rely on reviews before I purchase anything and I really do hope they are all honest ones too.Cheap Name Necklace

1 thought on “Really good quality and has a very nice shine to it. Well worth the money!!”

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