Love this product.. I would definitely purchase again in the future

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I have purchased a total of 3 custom name necklaces from this seller and I absolutely love them! The quality and look of the necklaces are beautiful. None of them have changed color of tarnished. All 3 that I purchased were silver. Again, the only thing is that shipping takes a little while…so be patient. But the wait is worth it! LOVE LOVE LOVE! 14K Gold Name Necklace 
 One of my all-time favorite TV shows, and movies for that matter, was Police Squad starring Leslie Neilson. In this same vein is the terrific TBS show Angie Tribeca starring Rashida Jones. The police coroner, played by Monica Scholls, wears a tasteful gold necklace that just says “Necklace.” Well I wanted one for my wife. Couldn’t find one, so ordered this one.The vendor, to its credit and understandably questioned my order. Once I resolved that issue I received it a couple days ago. Now keep in mind, this only costs 15USD and don’t expect Tiffany’s or Blue Nile quality, but it does the job, especially in my case. Now to convince my wife to wear it. She doesn’t have quite the same sense of the absurd as I do. Cheap Name Necklace
Love this product. I was really scared about the quality because the price is just so amazing and low but when it arrived I was really happy with the product. They spelled it right and the chain was a good length. The letters are all the same size and they are also thick so it is not easy to bend the word. Name Necklace The gold color finish looks really good and people think it’s real gold. I have gotten many compliments on this necklace from men and women, young and old. Definitely would recommend for yourself or as a gift. I would definitely purchase again in the future. Only downside is that it took about a month to get to me but that’s okay because it was all explained by the seller since these are custom made and not mass produced.More Then Happy with this order!!!! Best Buy in a long time, and if you got time your gonna need it cause it does take at least a month, or in my case month plus but still came before its due date so cant complain about that really, for the quality and the craftsmanship AND THE PRICE I say SCORE!!!! ill be honest my brother loved it as well and asked if came in a different font as this style is to girly for him witch ps. was one of the perks for me 🙂 again I LOVE IT

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