Perfect girly necklace!This so amazing!

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Literaly the best thing ever. I was worried that since it was gold that it would start to change color and rub off, but it doesnt! at all! i wear this swimming, in the shower, sleeping, always! get it 14K Gold Name Necklace 
 This was a “sweet sixteen” gift for a very, very pick young “fashion” young lady. When she opened the box she feel in love. She wears it everywhere she goes. It’s very high end looking. I so pleased that I will be getting myself one and others….

 This so amazing! I love it so much, it looks almost like real gold, it comes with a little wipe, i ordered 2 of these and i had a feeling they would come bad or incorrect/broken they came amazing and i love it it has such a nice texture and font i definitely recommend Cheap Name Necklace

I got mines today,it is perfect, I am in love with this chain,I am not taking it off,although they should made it so you can change the chain but other than that I love ittt,i recommend this

I loved my necklace so much, I bought another one for my daughter. Perfect girly necklace! Cute, durable, cute font, spelling was right, I wear mine also everyday in the shower and everything. Very good necklace. Thank you so much! You can trust this seller and the product!I really Loe this item I would most defiantly recommend anyone to purchase it, and it very cheap I always wanted a name necklace, but could never find a good deal on them I’ve been to stores where they cost hundreds of dollars which I could afford but not for something as smalls as that it could easily get lost or broken so I purchased 2 of these just in case one tarnish I can have a backup but the second one I purchases was from a different seller and I should be receiving that necklace sometime through April 19-May 2 so yeah I will post pictures from the Name Necklace I bought from this seller and from the other seller as well

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