Wonderful customer service and the necklace is beautiful and high quality!

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I have gotten so many compliments on my necklace and although people say that the necklace tarnishes, mine has yet to do so. This is an amazing product and being only 2.99 I’m thinking of anyone’s birthday that might be coming up! Custom Name Necklace
 WOW I LOVE THIS NECKLACE! I have been wearing this necklace for 5 days now and it has not shown any signs of tarnish or discoloration. The chain fits great, which was my concern before arrival as I do not have the thinnest of necks. The chain is also pretty sturdy. I sleep in my jewelry, I also move around a lot, and so far the necklace shows no lose claps or rings, and the chain has not kinked up or broken. The clasp is big enough for big fingers to hook easily. This necklace goes well all dressed up or just in a pair of jeans with a t-shirt . The charm is an absolutely stunning name plate. Super shiny and smooth on both sides against my skin. Another huge plus, I have had no redness or rash occur while wearing this necklace and I have super sensitive skin.Upon receiving of the necklace, delivery was fast (early in fact) and the product was packaged very well. The necklace came in a cute gift box (mine was pink) and inside was the necklace, itself being packaged in its own plastic wrap. If you wanted to buy this as a gift for someone, make sure you take it out of the plastic first, and place the necklace nicely in the box to be presented.
Cheap Name Necklace

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