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I had a gold necklace with my name when I was little, and I LOVED it. It was real gold and very delicate though. The chain broke, and the name portion got bent.  Custom Name Necklace These aren’t real gold, but they do seem durable.I bought this for a little girl’s birthday, and I expect that she will love it. The name is cutout well with a good finish. It is thick. The chain isn’t thick, but it seems like it will be fine. There is a lobster clasp and a bit of extra chain to make the necklace longer/shorter if desired. I tugged a little on the clasp with no ill effects so that’s promising (last time I tried that with a necklace from amazon, the clasp broke in two).I did purchase two of these name necklaces at the same time.They both came with a nice box for gift giving, but the boxes weren’t the same. Also, one necklace was just in a small plastic bag while the other was on a plastic card. I don’t know if one was just a more recent version, but the one on the plastic card did seem to be slightly shinier than the other one which was a bit dull side-by-side but still looks nice alone.
Cheap Name Necklace

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