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How to choose a beautiful name necklace for your girlfriend?

The moment is approaching that you are ready to confess to her – This is very important, and so must be the ring that you present to her. Not necessarily meaning big in physical size but you are making a statement of how much she means to you and how well you know her. At this time in your relationship it begins to sink in how for real this is, how connected you are to each other and maybe you are ready to show her how much you love her. There is no better way to express this than with a piece of Custom Name Necklace that fits with another, like a personalized love necklace, one for you and one for her.It will be so worth it when you see her face light up at the sparkles shining out of the gift box you have given her.

Every girl has her style and every couple has their own special relationship and meaning to that relationship. When looking for Name Necklace gifts for your girlfriend, I am sure whatever you get her she will love. It doesn’t matter how much you spend or what you end up choosing because it is the thought that counts the most- if you find the perfect gift and making it personal for her, then that is what will really touch her heart.

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What is the March Birthstone?

The March birthstone resembles a light blue color. The color is technically called aquamarine. It is a mixture between a blue and a green. It is often compared to a light turquoise color. The aquamarine stone was associated with water. People believed if this stone was emerged under water, it would have special powers. Name Necklace This stone comes in a few different variations of color. They are found to be either a blue-green color or a sky blue color. Both of these colors look great in any kind of jewelry piece. An alternate March birthstone is called bloodstone. This is a dark green stone with red spots. Instead of using this Custom Name Necklace as a piece of jewelry, it is usually carved into different shaped beads. These beads can be used to create pieces.

Jewelry Sets with Birthstones

If you are shopping for your wife or girlfriend and forgot what kind of jewelry she likes, look into the jewelry sets. These kits include a pair of earrings and a Custom Name Necklace. You can either get the stone you like or different birthstones. These kits are a great way to fulfill their need for jewelry. Not only are they receiving a nice pair of earrings, they are also receiving a beautiful and Name Necklace. These are usually available in every birthstone there is.

Necklaces with Birthstones

A lot of women enjoy wearing necklaces. This gives an added element when they are wearing certain outfits. The best kinds of necklaces to wear are the ones that include birthstones. This gives a more personalized feel to the necklace. There are many different styles Name Necklace available. You can put multiple birthstones in one necklace for the mothers with multiple children. This is a great gift for mother’s day from all of the kids. You can also get a necklace with multiple birthstones for a birthday or even Christmas. Whatever the occasion may be, a Custom Name Necklace would be perfect.

Earrings with Birthstones

If you are looking for a last minute gift for your wife, girlfriend or daughter a piece of jewelry with her birthstone would be great. Earrings are a great way to say you love her and are thinking about her. There are birthstones for every month of the year. You can find all sorts of different Name Necklace to choose from. You can simply pick the birthstone and the setting and create your own set of earrings. There are many different pre-made earrings to look through that contain every kind of birthstone. When young girls pierce their ears, they usually get earrings with their birthstones in them.The Custom Name Necklace is also great Oh.

Shop the Trend: Porcelain Jewelry

Shortly after graduating from art school, I worked for an artist who hand painted her own line of ceramic housewares. She was the author of her creations from concept to production, with a kiln of her own and a small room in her apartment devoted to shipping materials.

After breaking several valuable plates and bowls on the job (and, as a Taurus, becoming the living embodiment of a bull in a china shop), I learned to appreciate the delicate constitution of ceramics. Eventually, I ventured into printing my own drawings onto a series of porcelain wall ornaments, and I still love discovering new and inventive applications for this surprisingly versatile material—which brings me to Custom Name Necklace.

While porcelain generally isn’t the first medium that comes to mind when hunting for new jewelry, in recent years it’s become increasingly accessible, with more and more artists enthusiastically embracing the trend. Something about its fragile nature makes porcelain Name Necklace feel precious and extra giftable. What’s more, porcelain is also a fresh, hypoallergenic alternative for those with metal sensitivities.

Fashion with necklace

Many monogram necklaces are made as one big initial that signifies one of your names that you use as your brand. Such Name Necklace are designed very neatly using acrylic materials in addition to the wide variety of colors that they are available. One major disadvantage of making acrylic monogram necklaces is that they take very long to make, at times up to six weeks. Metal block monogram necklaces normally appear best when made from sterling silver or gold materials. Such designs go with any type and color of the outfits.

Custom Name Necklace are manufactured in three main ways, these include hand-made, by use of a mechanical milling machine, and laser-made. Whether made by hand or machine, the results you get at the end of the process entirely depend on your expertise although monograms that are laser made are believed to be the best among the three. Machine cut monograms involve the use of hand or saws, which normally produce low quality results. Monograms, which are machine-cut, are a little bit of an improvement from the hand-cut ones although they do not produce the crisp quality that you would expect to see. Laser-cut monograms are usually of the highest quality and are easy to identify from the others. The letters are curved smoothly and the results are of superior quality.

Necklaces – How long should my chain be?

The chain you select will determine where on your body your name necklace sits, so think about the length that is right for you.

Our chains run from 14” to 32” long, which means your necklace can sit anywhere from high up on your collarbone to all the way on your lower chest.

Once you’ve decided where you would like Name Necklace to sit, take a long piece of string and loop it around your neck. Close the string at the point on your chest you would like your necklace to sit. Now open the string and measure it – how many inches long is it? That’s the length you should select for your new necklace.

Please keep in mind that the chain lengths mentioned on the website do not include the length of the pendant. Most of our pendants run between 0.75”-2” (2-5 cm), so the total length of your customized jewelry will be the length of your selected chain plus the length of your name pendant.

The most common and widely sought Custom Name Necklace are made from gold and silver and are in most cases they are plated which makes them affordable and good at the same time. Examples of monograms are the Lola and Moon necklaces. They come with chains in different designs such as white gold or rose gold. These necklaces have gained much popularity in the market due to the expensive nature of gold necklaces.

Name necklace

The use of monogram necklaces is fast becoming popular especially in the celebrity world. Many celebrities have been seen having worn monogram necklaces, which in most cases have the initials to their names or initials of the things, or people they adore in their lives. There is nothing as exciting as owning an item that is specifically made just for you or in other words personalized to suit your needs. This expresses some sense of style when it comes to Name Necklace. Monogram necklaces are made from various materials including gold, silver, and diamond, among others. Personalized Necklace are may be ordered by individuals for themselves of may also be used as special gifts for certain occasions such as graduations, birthday parties, and many more.

Most renowned women in the world usually have Personalized Custom Name Necklace monogram necklaces on whenever they go out. These necklaces have your name’s first, middle, and last initials. There are also various types of handwriting fonts that may be used when making the initials. The wide range of fonts enables you to select the style that impresses you. As mentioned earlier, monogram name necklaces are made from various materials with some being made from pure gold. Others are made from acrylic while some are curved out of either sterling silver or just silver. The use of nickel plating is used on some monogram necklaces although such nickel-plated products should be avoided at all costs due to the effects that nickel has on your skin.

Three Hip Chicks Launch New Monogram

“The new Three Hip Chicks ™ Signature Monogram Jewelry collection is something that we have been really looking forward to for a long time. It is the next step in growing our business, and provides beautiful monogram jewelry at a great price point. This collection is a culmination of research in monogram jewelry design and style, and something we believe will be a big hit with our customers. The Signature Name Necklace collection features a wide array of pieces in different price points that accessorize well with any style,” said Heather Berube, co-owner of the Three Hip Chicks ™ along with business partners Christine Wehmann and Christine Wehmann Forte.

Three Hip Chicks ™ is offering *15% off their new Signature Monogram Jewelry collection until September 30th, 2013. * Price as marked and discount is not valid on prior purchases. To learn more about Three Hip Chicks ™ and the Signature Monogram Jewelry collection please visit their website here.

Founded in 2005, Three Hip Chicks ™ is an online retailer located in Grafton, MA. They specialize in monogram jewelry, Custom Name Necklace, iPhone cases, tech cases, accessories, and home décor. Their products are classic preppy with a modern twist. Three Hip Chicks helps customers create their own style and personal brand.

LoveInChic Monogram Jewelry Store

Every piece is available in sterling silver, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. The company adds that they have a team of 20 designers and 80 jewelry craftsmen, and their maximum daily output can even go up to 20,000 pieces. They urge retailers as well as wholesalers to visit their factory and place bulk orders. They also urge drop shippers to sell the Name Necklace pieces of their online store.

They assert that the amazing monogrammed bracelets they offer will help people show their personality and complete their unique style. They add that a personalized necklace is always a perfect complement to any outfit for any occasion.

Similarly, the Custom Name Necklace they offer can be unique presents. These necklaces are available in 18K Gold Plated Silver, 14K Solid Gold and 18K Solid Gold and they can be personalized with three initials of customer’s choice.

That was started as an OEM jewelry factory in 1996, has specialized in crafting and selling monogram jewelry pieces that include white gold monogram necklaces, solid gold monogrammed bracelets, etc. They can personalize every item according to the needs of their customers. They have produced millions of jewelry pieces for world famous jewelry brands. It was in 2016 they decided to open their online store for exclusively selling their monogrammed jewelry.

Purple Star

This simple capital letter designed monogram pendant is certain to give you a glamorous look. Have your pick of any two or three letters of your choice carved out in a circular shape with 24K gold Name Necklace and a beautiful 24K gold plated chain. This pendant is sure to give you a different look as you can get your name’s initials engraved out in a circular shape. The capital letters are easily visible and look really outstanding in their block font. This makes a great choice if you want to adorn a glamorous look that’s not overdone. The 24K gold plated letters give a distinct look, and would be suitable and trendy with all kinds of attire. So if you want something personalized and attractive which will shine on your neck then these 24K gold plated Custom Name Necklace are the perfect choice for you.