She stared at the bar necklace

Junior, they go out to work, the situation is better, because the tutor, he had a little money. This time, he bought his bar necklace for her two months’ salary, because she had stared at the bar necklace for a long time when she went to the store. At that time, he said, I had money to buy you. It is a bar necklace, exquisite workmanship, worn on her neck, shine. She is not a good looking girl, can wear this Name Necklace is very beautiful. Soon happens to be her birthday, as a birthday gift he gave her, and she said, I have a gift to you.

She gave him the body of her Custom Name Necklace. That day, in a shabby little hotel, he and her lingering so emotional. He said, my life will be good to you, let us love life, no matter when and where, no matter how much ability in the future, okay? For a lifetime, we will never be separated. She curled her body into his body and burst into tears. She believes the man will be good to her.

The beautiful girl has a bar necklace

So in the healing of time, Pan Yi was slowly cheerful up, because she believes that her window will have the prince to.

The day was passing by a young businessman outside the castle, and he was thirsty and then opened the door of the castle and walked into the room and asked, “Is anyone here, someone? I want to drink saliva.

“Yes.” Pan Yi warmly came out to meet the guests of a hundred years, she brewed a cup of warm tea for him.

The businessman looked at Pan’s quiet face and the sweet smile, and she was like an angel, filled with infinite sunshine in his heart. Businessmen believe that this is love at first sight. Businessman after drinking tea from the waist and pulled out a red box, said: “I and my father are businessmen, this is a delicate bar necklace, I carry this Name Necklace everyday, I hope it can wear one day I am looking for The other half of the body until today met you, I am sure you are my dream princess, you can promise me and me out of this Custom Name Necklace two of us happy life?

Pan Yi looked at the businessmen sincerely nodded promised, and she also want to marry out early, two people belong to their “fairy tale” life.

Businessmen and Pan Yi hand out of the gate of the castle, with a warm start in the distance on the road. Xia Yan collected mushrooms come back to see them away from the back, the heart is full of melancholy and longing….

These beautiful bar necklace

Pedestrian street business flower head or full of worth seeing: the old Fengxiang Silver House grace every day I do not know how much money to get into the money. Remember the first return with the mother in the silver floor in the horizontal pick up the piece of beautiful fine gold Name Necklace is only 98RMB a gram, is now $ 50 per gram, could not help but think of Lu Xun’s Mr. Kong ” Pui Luomeng suit famous all over the world last year, a friend back to Shanghai in Peiluo custom custom suit this year called me back to LA, when I put the noble (more expensive than the United States to buy many times) heavy suit to his Custom Name Necklace , Looking forward to the elated suddenly into the haze shrouded, not the scapula is too tight is the sleeve is too long, oops, this pecking after the business I do not die, to wear a suit to come back to try their own. Think of last year’s son College of Medicine Welcome Ceremony Show to buy that suit was $ 150 dressed people like, only lament the classic is not suitable for everyone to wear drops.

A Fashion Bar Necklace

One day the girl came back from her sister and said to the boy: “You see someone else’s husband gave his wife bought so many things. You did not buy anything for me. You see my brother and sister gave me a bunch of platinum Name Necklace You see what my sister has, nothing to me, and you buy it for me, buy a ring. “The boy said impatiently:” know, after the money to buy you. Girl said angrily: “When you have the money, I am afraid I can not wait for it.” The boy is angry: “After the money must give you to buy.” Girl said: “how are you so useless? I can not feed myself. “I’m really blind with you.” Boy’s face pale, angry, said: “You think I am useless, I will do something useful to you to see.” Boy And then slam the door out. The girl did not care about him, went back to sleep. She thought the boy would be back soon as before. But the boy did not come back the next day. The girl called the boy, the boy told the girl, he went to the south to do business. So come back to buy her a good Custom Name Necklace, but also to marry her. The girl was very happy.

The girl found him when the boy was not around. When the girl miss the boy, give the boy a call. The boy always said he was so busy and he would not call anymore. The girl grievances said: “You changed, you do not care about me.” The boy said: “Do not care about you, I am really busy.” Girl said it would never call him. But when she miss the boy, she’ll still call him.

The girl want to a initial necklace

Wait until they are together, she found that life is not as romantic as she thought. Girl found the boy is lazy Do nothing but work. Even their clothes are lazy to wash. Boys pay too little. The day is always tight. The girl said, “how did you become so lazy, before you are not so, is not that I am so good to you.

Girls are sorry how will like Custom Name Necklace.
The girl always said to the boy, “We have no money now, how will you feed your child in the future.” The boy said, “I will be rich when we have a child.

The girl said: “I knew you were so lazy, not to make money. I will not be with you.” The boy said with a smile: “You know now you can leave ah.” Girl angry said: “Do not think I Can not leave you until I really left, you regret too late. “The boy said:” afraid I can not wait that day. “Girl gas speechless. Yes ah, the girl never left the boy.

Girls are like to wear some jewelry or something, she is no exception. Like wearing a Name Necklace, like wearing a ring. The girl will spend two or two dollars in the street to buy a jewelry wearing a play. And then said to the boy: “I want a initial necklace you do not buy me.” The boy said: “You do not buy it?” The girl said angrily: “I mean gold!

The silver initial necklace

Go on! Go on!

That silver initial necklace, You do not take my soul

Also can not catch my faith,my love.

– that golden love

Leaving me only lazy people! Even if she is in the distance,I miss every night!

Go on! Go on!

That silver Name Necklace,Let it lock my past thoughts,Forever sink into the sea I yearn for and never seen!

Go on! Go on!

That silence of the beach.Silver Custom Name Necklace,You are not alive for me,

I am not alive for you,But I do not want to be tortured by you,That the soul can not withstand your blizzard!

Today, I would like to indulge myself,Unlock, bind my free and happy yoke,Do not anyone give me the freedom to be free?

Go on! Go on!

The Rejected Bar Necklace

“So pain, so uncomfortable, over a week will begin hospitalization surgery and chemotherapy, and do not know can not see you, ho.

Please forgive my wayward, break up the plan is my layout Everything, in order to be perfect, I drilled for a month, in order to make my performance in front of you become completely disappointed to me, I did, I saw you The eyes of the empty, I found my acting can be so good, obviously a happy thing, but why chest pain can not breathe, close your eyes, your nose, eyebrows, focus when the eyes, smile when the mouth Slightly afraid of the wrinkles, I can not forget, I really do not want to be separated from you, but I am afraid, I am afraid we love when I will suddenly enter the operating room, I am afraid you will be at a loss in place to wait for me, Even if I will not appear, but I know you too much, that day I saw you bought the Name Necklace for me, so I make every effort to take out your bar necklace before you choose cruel, cruel to me, I am afraid, I am afraid When I see the Custom Name Necklace when I will be soft-hearted, I will say everything out.

Ho, I love you, though I can not say to you, but love you.

God, if you are in heaven, please replace me to find a better girl, good to him, at least let him no longer think of me.

That girl, please be good to him. “

The classmates’ initial necklace

Classmates is a lifetime of love, students together is not show career proud, business is booming stage, and in the experience of the vicissitudes of the rain that rainbow, to revisit that full of dreams of the Mood for Love, tell the pure life of teachers and students to share The joy of success, to appease the injured mind, the scattered world of pearls re-string into a beautiful Name Necklace. Year-old flower is similar to the age of different people, unconsciously, the campus has a total of more than 30 years, the world has such a feeling, although not always meet, but Custom Name Necklace can be seen at all, this is the classmate Feelings.

The Childhood Initial Necklace

Childhood seems to be a string of the bottom of the Name Necklace, and that a childhood playmate, such as the grain of crystal clear crystal clear, sunny day, from the bottom out, put Custom Name Necklace
in the bright The sun, it will quiet life for our flashing colorful colored light.

For a long time did not see you, I know, no matter where I am, no matter what I do, you are my friends in my heart.

A lost initial necklace

Broadcast attached to play three times, summer drop lost initial necklace thing, or no effect. Summer stalls bite or forget it, radio station door has just been opened, this summer is at this time to come, a somewhat old clothes, with dishes, can fall in the eyes of summer is tantamount to falling from the sky The angel. Summer fell a glimpse of the summer was clutched in the hands of the root of the chain, refused to take any image of the image of the summer fell to the summer before flying to explain the half-day, and finally let this summer that the Name Necklace is her.

Later, the summer is also thinking that this world is really the case, a lot of things are for a reason, as she and this summer met the final discourse, who can not say that God is not arranged?

Summer falls is not thought to be able to meet this summer, although she has always wanted to take a good look at this picked up the mother left her Custom Name Necklace girl, but that hands just a initial necklace to the summer falls even with people do not see , Let her even a thankful words too late to say, maybe she is not like this person and people do not like it, summer fell in the heart to think. Who would like to think that the new class teacher at night to let you do self-introduction, the summer drop looked down to see the novel head, so die to see this summer.

A cheap bar necklace

The next day, Vic gone, he went to school, I had intended to leave for school today, but there are things not resolved, Tao today have to go to school, I went to the station waiting for her, would like to ask a clear, To see her that moment, her eyes are very cold, with a face to see do not look at me, I simply sold the tickets, ready to go with her, but how she would not be good to speak to me, I do not know Because I do not love me, please give me your Name Necklace back to me, I did not expect, she said also also dragged down Handed me. I retreated, disheartened and left. After leaving, I intend to go late one day, re-find a hostel, put the Custom Name Necklace, go out and play a bit! I called to Xiao Zhang, she came out, we went to the street and will come to my house, she was lying in bed watching TV, I was on the side of the head down the mood is very heavy, a belly sulk and broken a The heart of the heart! Finally, I will give my back to my bar necklace gave Zhang, she was very happy, satisfied with the eyes looked at me.

Small beauty’s fashion bar necklace

Soon, is the little beauty of the birthday, small beauty to open a grand dance, will invite a lot of people come to attend, with the taste of wine and food, by the way to pick a husband. The day finally arrived, small beautiful and dressed, wearing a V-neck black evening dress, revealing the smooth back, will be a good figure reflected in the bumps, wearing a huge Name Necklace, a look that is valuable, Huaguang Hua is said to be sent by veterans. So generous, it is estimated that only the total of China, in this L City, China always be regarded as a famous figure. In addition to the older, there have been three marriage history, but this does not affect the many beautiful women of his favor. You know, Hua total home of a brick is enough to eat their own Custom Name Necklace. It is estimated that the words of Gao Fu Shuai with China always detached only a rich word it Small handsome hands with a string of sandalwood string beads, looks like with these occasions do not take some of the sandalwood is also estimated that the handsome guy who sent, this is only a small beauty her own know. That day, magnificent lights, is how luxurious and magnificent ah, many men and beautiful women who enjoy the dance together, and the small beauty is also happy in which, really happy, like a star-like small The United States, has been deeply intoxicated, together intoxicated in this dance, her face like champagne is so clear, shiny.

Give the initial necklace of the person I love

That time I returned from home to Xi’an, you said to the station to pick me out of the station, was particularly cold to see the thin where you stood so I was very moved into the room after I just want to hug you did not think You take the initiative to take me directly, I know that I sink in your gentle village, and a few days later under a snow all the way to the closure, I have an excuse not even go to work, it is I can not forget a memory in this life, just into the community I am not mature enough to know the game all day, for your advice I do not care, one night we shopping you want a bracelet no money I can only spend A few hundred dollars to buy a few gold beads with Custom Name Necklace, I was the first time to send you a gift I do not know how romantic this is really sorry, I remember you said I can only buy a broken rope, I am very angry It is the first time I give people things, has been thinking of the money to send you a gold Name Necklace. I took the bracelet is still directly away, no love of the grassroots level is not enough understanding of each other began to quarrel, one can not wait for you I do not go back to the car, in fact, I think you can keep the next, but you never have. Two years later you find me, we talked a lot you tell me your marriage is not happy, you ask me still hate you? How can i hate you? Write to the ocean

The initial necklace illuminate your beauty

The appearance of beautiful woman let the man eye movement, the rich woman so that the heart of a woman, women when Mei, Mei, not seductive, but not kitsch, charming woman has, back smile Bai Mei, the style, but also has a funky Quiet, as if the early spring of the wind, blowing over your side, comfortable and comfortable, the charm of a woman, not to add lipstick seductive, nor is the Name Necklace, earrings decorated gorgeous, but not with high heels models swaying moving , The charm of a woman, neither a shawl hair elegant, nor is it a Custom Name Necklace, is not a famous brand of fashion to show off, but not pretending to be a mature Tony, a woman’s charm, from the gentle woman Thoughtful, woman’s charm, from the woman’s virtuous and kind, the charm of a woman, from the woman’s maternal love and pay, the charm of a woman, from the woman’s wisdom and soul, the charm of a woman, derived from the dedication of women and great.

Successful initial necklace

Tutor quickly went up to hold the big disciples hand, excitedly said: “You, how did you do it ?!”

Big disciples turned to pull a black and thin middle – aged man, happy to say: “This is the village of the village village, thank him for the help of my busy!

Professor quietly attached to the disciples of the Custom Name Necklace, gently said: “What is the price?

The disciples winked and mysteriously bitten the professor ‘s ear and said, “I promised to do a cement road for their village in the future.

At this time the air thunderous sound, we looked up, a helicopter appeared, the following suspension of a large container. The container under the command of the beautiful disciples, slowly and steadily landed on the pavilion side of an open space.

The container was opened from the inside, bare a full container of firewood. Chipper jumped a potbellied, and short and ugly old man, hair shine can Kam, neck hanging like a chain of gold Name Necklace. Beauty disciples shouted: “My dear! I love you!” Into his arms, instant, burst into tears … …

Professor loudly announced: This is the success of learning!

The initial necklaces is “Midsummer Night Star”

“Midsummer Night Star”, this idea comes from a pair of hard love, but not blessed couple, male career is a racing driver, the female is mainly rely on counterfeit jewelry for a living, this bracelet is designed by the actress And in a meal together to draw a napkin, the heroine will be the design to the actor, and then made the finished product, the use of two names “Zhongtianqi, summer star” named “midsummer Night star “.

The Name Necklace original design also with a earring and bracelet chuck together, symbolizes the perfect relationship between men and women, but the removal of the ear drill, each other is independent of their own, even if this pair of lovers, there are One day must be separated, there have been each other’s memory, will be firmly engraved in the bottom of my heart, will never change, this is the midsummer Star Star original design of the Custom Name Necklace, which is “Midsummer Night Star”

The bar necklace of charming charm

The atmosphere of the rectangular, shining amber light, silver wrapped in a deep texture, exudes a mature and mysterious charm.

Name Necklace simple shape, not too complicated, but let the pure and quiet silence, to mature a little pure, gestures are moving.

Bar necklace different shapes of beads, giving a Custom Name Necklace, crystal clear people love, the beads of mature and charming charm, people cannot guess your heart!

The initial necklace of mature and charming charm

The initial necklace round crystal, warm and elegant, large round with each other, the achievements of the harmony of the whole, eye-catching light, highlight the elegant and mysterious identity.

Name Necklace simple shape, not too complicated, but let the pure and quiet silence, to mature a little pure, gestures are moving.

Initial necklace different shapes of beads, giving a Custom Name Necklace, crystal clear people love, the beads of mature and charming charm, people cannot guess your heart!

The last a beautiful initial necklace

Sunny, warm, countless dust rolling in the sun, like a huge galaxy. White building, in the sun is made a dazzling light – the hospital.

The woman smiled, his face is every mother has a gentle and that life of the infinite helplessness and attachment to life. The lips brought back a touch of curvature: smile, oblique, almost invisible, but there.

“Glass, my mother to sleep a long long and long feel, wearing this Name Necklace, my mother will always be around you.” Women to the name of only five or six years old girl out of wow no blood and thin hands, Palm, is a flashing dazzling light of the beautiful initial necklace. Necklace will be the sun outside the window refraction in the woman’s face, looked more pale and weak, but added a bit more than usual angry.

The girl took the initial necklace, carefully worn, mouth blooming like a smile, sweet and tender, “Mommy, I will always wear it, quickly woke up ah!” Girl eyes flashing pure light.

Nama sad in the eyes of a woman fleeting, replaced by gentle, woman stroking the girl’s face, watching the girl’s smile, a little nostalgia. For a long time, the woman turned back, do not want the girl to see tears in the eyes rolling.

Exquisite Custom Name Necklace in the sun even more valuable and beautiful; girl’s eyes in the sun even more beautiful and moving; woman’s figure in the sun even more thin and thin.

Women still go, serene, such as asleep in general, but as if there is a trace of nostalgia.

One beautiful initial necklace

Open the computer desk on the drawer, which has some change, with a stapler crimping, build the stapler away, will change their pocket to the pocket.

“Bus card when the car can be used,” built to pick up the drawer in the bus card. “But do not know how much money inside.” Build thinking, “first put the pocket to say, after the car, you know.”

There is also a fine box in the drawer of the computer desk, but I do not know what is inside. “Looks like a very precious thing, otherwise it will never be so delicate packaging.” Open to open the box, which is a gold Name Necklace, necklace is in front of the gem and engraved letters.

Built love dead that initial necklace, sweet-scented osmanthus is built one of the most favorite flowers, it’s intoxicating fragrance, few other flowers can be compared. “After I got married with ice, and must also give the ice – my bride, wearing such a beautiful Custom Name Necklace.”

But did not take that initial necklace, but after the appreciation of the end, put it covered, put it back home. “Pirates also have the way, this initial necklace is one of the two most precious things, which condensed too many good memories, I can not take away.” “Why does the mistress now do not wear it?” “Perhaps because it was too obvious it, the last class, buy a dish, neck hanging a gold shaking things, outdated.” Built self explained.

“That ice belt on this initial necklace, what will be the effect?” Once again to open the box, remove the initial necklace on the front, began to fantasy up. “She will be the most charming bride in this world, because she was beautiful, like gardenia, and I love her -” Valentine’s eyes out of the West “, at least in my eyes, she is the most beautiful.”

The beautiful cheap bar necklace

Because I heard you actually want to give me the bar necklace, as a birthday ceremony, gave a female students did not deep pay. And that Name Necklace is in your fifteen birthday, I picked off from the neck, and then on the spot for you hanging.

In particular, my distress is that when your mother blames you, you actually said: “Dad said when I sent me, this value is not what money, so I think it can be a small gift to give.

Many things in this world can not be measured in terms of market value, such as the most precious “love”, is this with the above price, you can use a note to buy it?

“Love” is very abstract, it can not see, but also intangible, but can be confidant in our hearts churn. When you are the most difficult, you can feel the excitement because you think of love, and when you are in a lonely moment, you can feel a warmth with a souvenir with love.

That is a Custom Name Necklace, is not it I give you a love with a souvenir?

You have to know that when your grandfather passed away, every time I touched him used the ink, read the books, all that there is his shadow. I can first understand the words of a text, that is, “hand Ze disturbance”, when I read in school, the first thing to go home, that is, his father used things, turn over, turn over, right The lights, hope to find his father’s fingerprints or perspiration.

The initial necklace of life

Life is a road that does not go back, is a wrong multiple choice questions, no matter which you choose, Custom Name Necklace is how an unknown answer. But no matter which one you choose, you must also choose the regret and sadness, because we are more people to see when others are better than or inferior to us which side, would think if I had the original choice The other one will be better than it is now or worse than it is now, so we feel a lot of unhappy in life, often not our life itself is so, more is derived from the comparison of other people’s life and mode, is our habit To own a part of life or a part of life, alone and out of comparison with others.

Life of the dictionary is not assumed that the stage of life will not rehearsal, so in order to not be disturbed by life, then your only way is no matter which way to choose, on the unswervingly go, take their own way, Not to be around by others, the peak will be reversed at any time, after the storm will have a rainbow, life is a Name Necklace, regardless of fineness is good or bad, together, to embellish the bright gorgeous course, if you only won one of them, Will be in the buzzing sound scattered in life, life is an article, regardless of the length of the length of the whole to read, will be into the hearty mood, if you want to take the righteousness, will inevitably twist in the different opinions of life.

The bright platinum initial necklace

The day of the wedding is full of poetic, feel the joy of hand sweet; life is so cruel reality, strangled me too much romantic fun; recalled through the history of that struggle is still inspired me. When I was in the same place, I wanted to have my own Name Necklace; when I had a house, I would have been able to play in a better space. I do not know enough, but I never said to you, I worry about increasing your pressure, I just quietly their own efforts, occasionally give you some deliberate encouragement, I know you will read my mind. The roadside of the small Beijing you have the goal of my struggle and power; finally live in their own home but heavy, in the face of difficulties we did not collapse down; with late children with lightning lightning experience. Fortunately, everything has been passed, the test of life in front of love is not worth mentioning, parents love, husband and wife love, children’s love, brotherhood … … I was completely locked off the “confinement”, happiness will I play “Unsuccessful”, and you set up the emotional ark into the strange off-site – a high-rise building in a warm little home, lovely children pen and pen book in the bright light, honest and honest husband and we for the apron Bar, love to pay you rarely use language, bright platinum Custom Name Necklace
in your hands to take, ordinary life you can always get rid of happy fire. In order to thank you for your deep love and pay for the family silently, especially to write a few words, as a wedding anniversary gift to you.

One fashion bar necklace

And you chat with the life of this slowly passed, the time passed quickly, slowly came to the winter, during which you have also had some disputes, but the original intention is for both good attitude. I remember it was a time I give you the Ministry of the work plan when the way to the online ordering lettering bar  necklace gave you, I did not see you take me, the National Day I want to go back, because some special reasons may not return to school, For fear of life after you can not see you, I called you call out, you wear the low-cut that day, a distant one to see you wear me to give you the Name Necklace, I am very happy, the car came Go, I actually silly said the sentence so that you do not move, I hugged you, the car directly away. The truth is that I do not like parting, but have to, and later the family shows some things and found that I can go back to study, I am very excited.

So that we learn side, while busy in front of the Ministry of busy, while doing a simple link, there are some concerns about life. Perhaps I am not deep enough to deal with Custom Name Necklace, and you are very busy, it is difficult to take the time to chat with me, and later the relationship between us, slowly down, my position in your heart is not so deep and important, because we are Slowly grow up, treat feelings is not so ignorant, we all understand a lot of things. Later, I and blue Yan is also broken contact, and you are slowly broken contact, casually find an object, the future will also accompany his girlfriend.

The bar necklace is a gift YuTian send BlueXi

Yutian behind the blue Xi, took out a bar necklace on the blue Xi said: “Blue Xi, you see, what is this?

Blue Xi looked at the bar necklace, bar necklace on the pendant is a sapphire, necklace above also engraved with “forever”.

Blue sky holding Yutian said: “Yutian, thank you, how do you also know that I like the kind of Custom Name Necklace ah, saying that since the day after seeing never seen.

Yutian said: “Contradiction is ubiquitous, like your Name Necklace, contradictory existence.”

Lan Xi said, “Well, I think so.”

Yutian pointed to the blue neck of the bar necklace, said: “You say, we are old, it will not follow the old ah.

“I will think that, because it has the same life as us, and life is reincarnation, it is endless.”

“Do you think it is precious?”

“Of course, life is precious, so we have to cherish it, but also a good treasure of life Oh.” Blue Xi said.

Mother’s initial necklace

I have a lot of friends around thinking, even though our mouths are complaining, and my heart are struggling, drinking wine, curse curse curse himself, sleep, or want to try hard. I am a friend with me is an IT man, recently ready to start, want to make more money, buy lighters, buy underwear only dare to buy red, that is Lucky, in addition to work is reading, are also some management, Consumer psychology and the like, he said he knew that the book was smart that people simply did not have to see because they were born, he said, but he would not, he said he knew it would not necessarily be, but My other friend was originally grass-roots white-collar workers, facing married, the woman to the room, parents make money to pay the Custom Name Necklace one day, he suddenly found his mother’s neck wearing more than ten years of the article initial necklace was gone, his mother did not say anything, he did not say anything, he just drank with us after hiding in the house crying for three days, the fourth day he resolutely resigned from the now stable job to apply for a medical representative , He said, he would pay his mother ten Name Necklace, let her for wear.

I have a lot of such friends around you, you say that we are not all of these people are not life, really is not, can choose things to qualify good or bad, you say that our group of people is not stupid, that Really is, is simply stupid home, stupid in addition to the efforts, nothing else, but we group of idiots, heart also understand that only those who can not work hard if you can not really what No more.

So, let’s refuel together, if you are willing to.

The gem on initial necklace

“Mom, you do not think too much, Grandpa himself do not remember which brick buried next, and go after how to do, a piece of rummage? Next to a few houses are collapsed, typhoon blowing, our two houses And certainly must fall, can not go in, that precious stones how much money ah? Tens of millions or hundreds of millions of ah?

“Haha, you really this person, I think so, you get married soon, that gem can be out to you inlaid in the Name Necklace, I heard that bigger than soybeans, it will give you. Maybe there is nothing You can also leave your brother! And ah, your grandfather said there is a small tin box filled with it, should find it.

“Mom, our family all the property are left to my brother it, do not have to give me, you do not let the father go in, and so many people look at the day, maybe people jealousy, to grab; or people will alarm , Grandfather used to be the landlord, maybe that time to stay things but also full of it! “Zhang Ni would like to use a stupid threat to the way parents do not think that the so-called treasure.

In the evening when Zhang Ni dream, really dreamed of wearing the gem Custom Name Necklace to get married, the next day early in the morning will call to ask, “Mom, how?

“There is a fart treasure ah, your father into a middle of the night, the name of the flashlight, that mark next to the metal box are corrupt to look like, and nothing inside …”

The different love initial necklace

The presence of the various is full of doubts looking at each other. Then, let all the people here are stunned: a girl about twenty years old, wearing a white wedding dress, wandering, face sad ran in. In her hand also tightly grabbed a do not know how many years to buy the older silver Name Necklace.

The girl quickly rushed to the tens of meters away from her a couple of side of the side. She took out a worn silver Custom Name Necklace. The girl looked at it with tears, and looked at the front of the groom and the bride next to the sad asked: “Do you remember this initial necklace? That is my second 10 years aged birthday when you give me the fiduciary letter.You say ‘as long as it continues, your love for me will never be broken’ so these years, I have been careful to keep, are reluctant to wear, for fear of their own Which day it broke, you no longer love me … … ”

Said the little girl cautiously took the bride’s hand, with his little finger hooked the bride’s little finger burst into tears said: “This life, life and life, eternal life we ​​have to wait around each other, you say the future of a day You will be back to marry me, these are you I had promised the oath, do not you really forget it?

One bar necklace

Fat aunt daughter. This kind of love, a little drowning Busy when the village most of the village dolls have to work under the ground, school mowing. But the fat aunt not let a little sticky farming, only asked her to study well.

Fat aunt girl went to college to report that day, the village can come to have to praise aunt good luck. Fat aunt laughed, laughing loud, laughing like six or seven years old girl.

A few years in the past, fat aunt have maintained this pride. Until Ping Ping mother who will come up with Ping Ping work to buy their own gold Name Necklace, people around the past, envy, praise, invariably look to the fat aunt. Fat aunt afraid of those eyes, like a pot of cold water, poured into the heart, pouring her only halo.

A few days after the fat aunt that sounded a sudden sound of laughter, saw her left arm rolled up the sleeves, wrist at a glittering bar necklace of the people dazzled.

“My daughter sent me back to see, gold!” Fat aunt loudly ringing a few streets.

Night light, fat aunt looked at two years did not come back to the daughter of the photo, in a daze. For a long time, fat aunt stood up, the hands of a small group of paper rubbing crushed, thrown out.

This is yesterday’s fat aunt in the county department store, buy Custom Name Necklace payment receipt.

The initial necklace of love

New Year’s Day is approaching, if the ice received a letter and a Custom Name Necklace Zijun, she carefully launched a letterhead…

If ice:

Please forgive my late greetings, do not say goodbye, because they do not want to add sadness.

Do not find your days that you are so important to me.

If the ice, I think: I like you, though, we can not get together day and night,

However, the distant distance can not pull off the Department of sincere feelings line…

If the ice, in fact, we have a beautiful date.

Meet in the university, recognize us for each other, fuel! Okay?

– Zihao

If the Name Necklace tightly holding the palm of the hand, crying, no tears.

Yu Xiang is still quietly guarding the ice, but if there is no ice where he wants to love, but he always watch…

Today, if the ice quietly sitting in the window, her face look of depression, eyes staring at the heart of the initial necklace, which he left her only.

The birthday present is a bar necklace

Ting lying in the window, watching the thin Lek Le rain along the window outside the glass slide down, melancholy feelings in the heart to climb to climb! Unhappy birthday, so that Ting feel that this is so lonely, the hearts of the haze, all of a sudden in my heart.

This silly girl did not know Tao has long been integrated into her life. In the Ting sad time, the sky raised the contests of the fireworks! Spat on the air, colorful flowers blooming in the air.

“Who is it? Who will release such a beautiful fireworks at this time?” Is thinking, Ting’s phone rang, “is Ting it! I am Tao, I wish you a happy birthday, fireworks look good Come down and put fireworks together, celebrate your 25th birthday together. Ting can not tell his own Name Necklace, overjoyed her, even the umbrella did not play, directly washed down the floor.

Ting see Tao, stopped the pace, the fire under the Tao staring at her. Light yellow casual wear, yellow and white tie, white handsome face, calm and imposing.

“Girl, come, put fireworks together,” Tao staring at the cheek some of the Philippine red Ting.

Ting went to the chest of the chest, gently hammered, smiled and shouted: “You want to come, how do not tell me?” “Surprise? This is my intention to prepare for your birthday one of the gifts, How can tell you? “Said, Tao took out a platinum Custom Name Necklace in the Ting’s neck. “Happy Birthday”.

Crystal rain dripping from the sky down, and soon, the rain stopped. Clouds reveal the sun, the sky suddenly from the beginning of the rain into a sunny day, in this short moment.

The most unique diamond bar necklace

Can not remember where to hear such a sentence: “Women seem to love jewelry, with those colorful and colorful jewelry to decorate themselves, a platinum diamond ring, a Lantian jade bracelet, or a pure gold Name Necklace , He can make a woman in an instant glittering. “He never doubted the correctness of this sentence, but that day he found that women do not have such jewelry dress, it seems to be shining, or more than those who wear Custom Name Necklace lovely.

Home say that women are born like jewelry, how do you like it? But he did not ask, he was not confused, he knew her heart is how to think, she is trying to buy the bar necklace with the money he bought the two sets he had wanted to buy and not willing to buy the book he secretly swear, the future must give her to buy one of the most unique diamond bar necklace.

A few years later, he became a well-known writer, or a successful businessman.

The initial necklace is beginning

With regard to love, her understanding is not deep enough. Only know it is happy, happy, dementia, crazy, but also painful, tears, low vibration.

For her, in her life, because of his presence, and his chat is her beautiful expectations. The content of the chat contains a lot of: their preferences, their past, their places to go, their own state of life, and even their own meals to sleep on the toilet. Chat chat chatting southeast northwest. In this way, every day the days of their relationship gradually strung together, like a Name Necklace more and more beautiful. She will be careful to guess whether he is interested in her, guess he is not like her. Met with trouble to talk to him, he is also willing to listen to her nagging, but also enlighten her. Obviously frowned to say things sucked, but chatted with him chatted and laughed. In fact, chatting with Custom Name Necklace
and can not make the original bad things have improved, but the process of chatting with him will make her mood 180 degree change, she thought this is the magic of love it, people feel joy.

Because of one necklace seven years later meet again

Small time, Mu family and home before the house in a residential villa neighbors, their mother also hope that they grow up to become relatives, they together on the same kindergarten, primary school, in Yingyao junior high school that year, due to Ying Yao’s Relatives went wrong, so Ying Yao a return to their home.

Back to the home that day, Ying Yao went to the Yu Chen’s home, gave he a Custom Name Necklace as a farewell gift, Ying Yao sent out the gift, said: “Yu Chen brother, I could not bear you.” Yu Chen looked at her eyes, gently said: “Yao Bao, good, do not cry, I will think of you, you will think of me? I send you a necklace, you put it in the neck, like my Time to see this Name Necklace is good? “Ying Yao looked at him nodded his head.

Seven years later, when he met her, he was thinking, maybe he had forgotten her, but his intuition told him that she did not forget him.

Seven years, she has been missing her rain morning brother, she was thinking, he would not forget her, but her intuition told her that he was with her the outcome is beautiful.

Seven years, the two between each other, miss each other.

The necklace that made wife cry

Speaking of gifts, people are familiar with it, because people in this life, always dealing with the gift. Festivals, weddings and funerals, big things small, numerous, and some gifts, and some gifts. Gifts or light or heavy, and some carefully selected, meaning profound; some casually buy, flow in the form.

I bought his wife the first gift is married in the third year, it was a just fashionable platinum Custom Name Necklace, inlaid with a sapphire.

At that time the wife had been in my hometown, that she was dubbed “grumble like a Name Necklace,” the secluded stuffed countryside spent eight months, because she was born and I was alone lost in there. I hurried back from the field is to and this let me dreaming, worried about the love together to meet her belly upcoming new life. When I handed the necklace to his wife, she took the gift, but put it on the table, and then with her huge belly against me, holding me crying.

The precious bone bar necklace

He first came to Australia to film back, bought a precious fish bone Name Necklace gave her. That a grain of crystal clear beads on the beads, emitting a strands of Qin people of incense.

She was surprised to ask: “This is really made of fish bone?” So he told her: “These beads, is a very rare tropical fish bones polished; an adult fish bones, up to Polished 6 beads; and only the two men and women will be polished beads tied together, will be distributed fragrant. Fish bone bar necklace, is the love of love and fragrance. “Two lines of crystal tears, from her Eye pouring out, she was deeply touched by the front of the fish bone bar necklace. He smiled and said she was silly.

However, in the third year after marriage, he fell in love with an actress in the cast. In the actress’s strong offensive, he finally made a request to her divorce. She accepted it silently. Just as they were busy with a grand engagement ceremony, he drove in a car accident and was lying unconscious in the hospital’s intensive ward. Several times the hospital issued a notice of danger to his family, and the actress did not show up again. She was admitted to the ward, with Custom Name Necklace to take care of him carefully, for his worry, tears. He can wake up, even the doctors think it is a miracle. He saw at first glance that she was haggard. Two lines of repentance of tears, then poured out from his eyes. He said that she touched God with the truth, so that he re-come or come.

On the day of her discharge, she was about to go to the beach with him. At this point, standing on the ancient plank road, he asked: “can … … and you … … start again?” She took out the fish from the bag bar necklace, silent tear, then, she will be scattered In the palm of the beads, a grain of land to the sea. Then she said lightly: “There is a bet on the beads, the fragrance is no longer.”

Since then, he never seen her again.

My beloved girl wear one necklace

My favorite girl puts on this heart-made Name Necklace, and I’ll just be there for you all my life.

Light solution bowknot, there are two hearts, one is you, one is mine, is a solid, a is hollow, can let my heart to live in your heart to fill the vacancy from now on.

There are two hearts in the bow. One is yours and one is mine. It is just dust that has lost the luster of the old day, can I wash the dust from my tears and let it shine again.
Hazy light shines out of your fantasy figure, projection on my body, so nostalgic, as if in a dream. If you are away from the back of the shadow is also hidden a touch of sadness, I want to read you, but afraid you fly away.

You let lonely smile in the stranded, but gave me doubly lonely.

You let the grief in the air dissipated, but gave me no painful pain. Pain worth mentioning, hurt worth mentioning, life or to continue

You and I breathe the same piece of air, why in close proximity, but far away in the horizon.

If one day, Tianya can become close, then she will appear, put on my heart to do the Custom Name Necklace.

The bar necklace in the cupboard

The bar necklace in the cupboard
Gently twist the bow Inside, Ann lay two hearts,One is yours, the other is mine,Chains put them together,They cling to each other’s hearts,Silent letters.

The Name Necklace was studded with crystals.To shine in the dark,Like a royal queen Attracted her admirers.

My most beautiful girl,Please let me put on the bar necklace for you,At this moment.You are the noble queen,You don’t need to attract admirers,Because I am your most devoted believer.

My favorite girl Use this heart-made Custom Name Necklace
,Gently wrap around your neck  Kiss your skin like jade,The same You just close your eyes,I will come quietly to you.

Initial necklace purchase method

Buy the initial necklace, first of all choose the material of the necklace. Like the Name Necklace material variety, the most commonly used gold, rose gold and platinum necklace. With the pendant necklace is best to use white precious metals, generally do not have gold necklaces, but if the pendant inlaid with colored diamond, colored gem pendant with golden necklace do not have some style, is also a good choice.

Choose what kind of pendants and Custom Name Necklace material that depends on personal preferences and economic capacity. More than the above material, the most stable platinum is not easy to fade, and hardness, deformation, but the price is also the most expensive. Platinum + diamonds is the most IN choice, whether it is with a diamond ring or necklace. Gold is also a good choice, as long as properly maintained, these materials, like the pendant and necklace can highlight your beautiful and charisma.

What is the ritual of wearing initial necklace?

The initial necklace is one of the most commonly used ornaments for women. Necklace with gold, silver, pearls, ivory, etc., the different texture of the initial necklace its artistic effect is different. Gold and silver necklace rich, pearl necklace elegant, diamond necklace luxury, glass necklace natural, glass necklace lively, elegant necklace necklace, wood Custom Name Necklace simple.

When selecting the Name Necklace, consider some of the individual factors. Short and round face of the people wearing long necklace to the chest, you can stretch the height of people; slender and slender neck, with short thick necklace can shorten the neck length. Gold and silver, pearls and other high value of the necklace should not be too thick too long, should be fine short is better, suitable for paste neck and wear; the contrary, some imitation of the process necklace can exaggerate the larger, to increase the artistic effect, suitable for wearing sheep Sweater, pullover outside.

A philosophical initial necklace

A few days ago, Zhao engineers suggested that I prepare a notebook, at any time from the book, magazine or visit the study or daily work encountered some bit of business knowledge, which the accumulation of their knowledge and technical level will be improved Big help. Zhao engineer said it was his own decades of experience. He also played a very wonderful metaphor, he said that the Custom Name Necklace despite the words, but he regarded them as a pearl.

Single pearl may not show how much value it is, but more pearls, string together is a Name Necklace, it became a work of art, there is a certain value. He said he wrote a lot of influential technical papers, these usually inconspicuous bit of information played a significant role. I am grateful to Zhao engineers for my sincere help, I wrote on the title page of the notebook my great mathematician Mr. Hua Luogeng words: genius is hard work, knowledge is accumulated.

There is a commemorative initial necklace

I think of that, that female students in class, a small hand holding some slightly fragrant Milan flower, or a yellow envelope carefully filled. It was her picking up from the tree in her own house. So everyone is ready to make a desire. “Give me one thing.” “Give me a thing.” The cry of the request has a desire to bear. Got flowers, happy in his hand, on the nose, into the metal stationery box, caught in the beloved book, or simply hides in his pocket. Lanoxin things are a touch of fragrance wrapped in warmth. Those days on each other some dirty, but also could not help heart,Qieqie begged, “give me a Custom Name Necklace.” Once the teeth will be cold because of this small flower and warm.

I remember, that woman wearing a black sweater, holding the child in the street away the woman, the neck of the necklace with a bolt to spend a flower for the decoration. The woman wears a flower made of a Name Necklace, not for the decoration, landscaping, evil, fear is to echo with the lovely child, but also to commemorate the passing of the youth strike.

If it is a younger woman, will be the Milan flower with a red line tied in the wrist, and then pull the hands of the people who love, Jiao Yanny smile, jumping, walking.Thus, I also like this understanding of Milan spent.

The first necklace send to girl

This day, from the morning, the United States and the United States waiting for her boyfriend’s text messages, all day clutching the phone restless, but have to strongly refused to take the initiative to contact her boyfriend. Until the evening, a stranger to contact her, bring her a beautiful gift box, which she likes a Custom Name Necklace strangers did not tell her who sent the gift, but she wanted to be their own boyfriend. In addition to the necklace box, there is a note, about her to the school near a coffee shop to meet, she carefully dressed up to prepare for the appointment.

From the dorm to the cafe is only one way, all the way, every walk, she can see the roadside has a very prominent heart-shaped stickers. Into the cafe, greeted the wall of the stickers made of “ILoveU”words, and her boyfriend, sitting in a corner, is gently watching her. Naturally, they are as good as ever. Just almost cried her, did not notice her boyfriend to see their Name Necklace, the moment of surprise. Of course, she can not think of this warm reunion, in fact, with a little bit of sadness.

Funny Bar Necklace

Girl, determined to pay everything, even if it is their own lives, but also to save their brothers. When the night fell, she left the hut, walked into the depths of the jungle, climbed over a tree and spent the night. The next morning, she collected the water horse teeth, began to sew the shirt. She can not talk to anyone, did not mind laugh, so sitting there, only the head of the busy hands of the job. She had been in the forest for a long time, until one day, the local king to the forest to hunt, the hunters came to the girl sitting in front of the tree above. They found her loudly greeted her and asked her: “Who are you?” But she silent answer.

“Come on,” they said to her, “we will not hurt you.” She just shook her head. They still ask this question, she put their Name Necklace thrown to them, I thought that they should meet it now. Who told these guys or refused to give up, so she threw the belt to them, can still be of no avail. Then she put the garter and all the things that were dispensable to them, and in the end they were wearing underwear. But this is the case, these hunters still rely on not go, and climbed to the tree to hold the girl down, received the king in front. The king asked her, “Who are you?

What are you doing in the tree?” But she did not answer. The king then asked her in every language she would say, but she was still boring. The girl’s beautiful face touched the king’s heart, and he fell in love with her. The king put his cloak on her, hold her on the horse, let her sit in front of her, with her back to the palace. Immediately, the king told her to wear colorful clothing, so that Custom Name Necklace will be more shiny, the United States if the angel friends, but she is not a word. When the meal, the king asked her to sit by her side. The girl behaved dignified, polite, the king particularly like, he muttered: “She is my mind queen, I am not her not married.” A few days later, the king and the girl forged a hundred years of good.

ChuY’s online shopping necklace

Chu Yi can always like online shopping, and each time in Taobao hang around, always Amoy to make their favorite items, the price is very low.

Chu Yi can see that Name Necklace pendant, a bit strange, this pendant is clearly the kind of spread the goods, the shape is heart-shaped, how it will be hidden in the boots it? Chu Yi can feel incredible, hard to pull out the Custom Name Necklace, did not expect inside a hiding a small piece of paper. Open a look, the above is a very small font to write a sentence: “I am still alive … … in the old place waiting for you, no see!”

This is the head of the paper so that Chu Yi was able to heart really surprised, can see the above content, it seems related to a person’s life and death, she could not help anxious, thinking about how to figure out what is going on. So, Chu Yi can go home immediately open the computer, from their own order to find boots on the pages to find clues to.

Madison’s necklace

When the autumn comes, the voles are ready to prepare the winter food.The following are the same as the “Madame Rat soon came to the fields every morning to find food, find ah find ah, has been to find the dark before going home. The clothes were dirty, the pants were hooked out by the branches, and the shoes were broken. Maytans heart is still very happy, because it found a lot of food.

The following are the same as the “When the autumn is over, the voles are ready for the winter food, with millet, corn, and peanuts. She thought: these food enough for me and the children winter it! The following are the same as the “One day, while the weather is not particularly cold, the voles in the woods walk, suddenly, she saw a bunch of necklaces: “wow, how noble Name Necklace ah!” Madame Rat happy to immediately necklace hanging in the neck.

The following are the same as the “Mrs. Otani met the flower hen on the street, and the hen looked at the necklace and said to her, “Unfortunately your clothes are too old to be worthy of this string of noble necklaces.

The following are the same as the “So, the voles of the hurry to go home, come up with the preparation of the winter millet, with millet for a new fashion to wear on the body, the necklace immediately seemed noble.

The following are the same as the “The steward met the rabbit on the street, and the rabbit said to the stamens, “Oh, your feet have a hole in your trousers, and nothing to do with this string of noble necklaces and beautiful fashion.

The following are the same as the “Madame Ratang immediately go home, come up with prepared winter corn, for a beautiful pants.

The following are the same as the “The steward went to the street, the head lifted high, so that we can see it neck Custom Name Necklace.

The following are the same as the”Hee hee, look at her, the toe broke a hole, the toes are exposed.” The hedgehog said to the little turtle.

The following are the same as the “The vole wife heard, and immediately went home to prepare the winter to eat the peanuts, in exchange for a pair of new shoes, worn on the feet.

The following are the same as the “Now, how are the beautiful and noble buddies! The following are the same as the “The autumn is over and winter comes. North wind whispered blowing, the sky floating in the snow, very cold day. “My mother, hungry and hungry …” said the vole, “Do not cry, do not cry, your mother is going to eat,” she said. “No way, the vole wife had to wear a noble necklace, wearing new clothes and new shoes, looking for something in the snow to eat. But nothing can be found. Finally, the voles are hungry and tired, fainted in the snow.

The one who steal necklace

Once, Fu Lei Ya trip to the dwarf country, in a dwarf workshop to see inside there are four famous dwarf has just created such a beautiful and beautiful necklace. Fu Lei Ya saw it, immediately with the dedication of women deeply liked. She got into the stone cave, want to use heavy gold to the dwarf to buy this necklace. However, the four dwarfs is the kind of both greedy and lascivious typical, deliberately refused to buy a pair of Ngau Laiya the possibility of Necklace. Then, they told Fu Lei Ya, the only possibility to get this Name Necklace is the condition of Fu Lei Ya is not dwarf ugly to worry about, and they together with some. Love goddess Fu Lei Ya amore eager, even in any case have to get this necklace.

In the trance, Fu Lei Ya spent four nights in the dwarf’s dark cave, so that the dwarf’s attempt to achieve, but she eventually got the necklace, immediately worn on her beautiful Custom Name Necklace like a swan, back To the Asan Park everywhere to show off. Fu Lei Ya this pleasing to the privacy, but unfortunately was Rocky know. Idle of the matter immediately add oil and vine to Odin played a small report, the matter was very unbearable. Odin is also angrily, ordered Lodge to try to take this necklace as an empirical, with a view to Fu Lei Ya a little lesson. Rocky Odin’s life, to rack their brains to the gods from the Fu Lei Ya’s neck to steal this necklace.

The next morning, Fu Lei Ya woke up and found the necklace was missing, and the bedroom door is open, they immediately understand what happened. She put on her clothes and came to Odin to returning to the necklace. Looking at the beautiful and intelligent love goddess Fu Lei Ya, the god of the man Odin’s anger also immediately vanished, kindness to persuade her a few words, put the necklace back to Fu Lei Ya.

Efreya’s goddess necklace

Efreya is not only the goddess of love, the character of human love and men and women between the vows, but also and Odin, Frigia as the fate of the Asan Park and the safety of the gods always work hard. Her palace in the village of Asaph was large and magnificent, and sometimes, when Walkler chose to come to the sacrifice of the fighters, half was handed over to Efreya, where she was trained in her palace. Efreya also has a luxury vehicle, when she travels, two male cats make her vehicle speeding as lightning. Efreya’s “Eagle’s feathers” is a statue of Asa Park, put it after anyone can fly in the sky like Custom Name Necklace. Of course, the most often to her by “Eagle’s plumage,” the Asaha is the outrageous Rocky, often wear it everywhere trouble.

Efreya beautiful, not only in her natural beauty, but also because she has a world’s most beautiful necklace. Efreya wear this gold Name Necklace, so that her appearance is more beautiful Yu Yu brilliant. Like all the gold treasures, Efreya this necklace is also created by the dwarf.

Suffering is a necklace

There is such a woman, bravely with the world in front of her “scar”, and ultimately get people’s applause with flowers.

She was 4 years old when the tumor, 11 years old when the legs long abscess, 12 years old when found scoliosis, 13 years old when the spine buried in the Custom Name Necklace. After she because of the neck disc herniation, shoulders two tendonitis and so on through a number of operations. So far she can not bend over, can not like other women like the style of thousands of ways to twist the body … … from the age of 4, her body appeared too many people can not face the problem. “The pain never vanished, I was just used to it.” – She used to a moment of struggle with the pain of life. Often, the pain came, she did not have any way, only still dressed, look at the day of training and competition arrangements, “live is success.” She always told her family.

When a reporter asked why she had the courage to expose their scars to everyone, she said, every woman will have their own scars, some in the body, some in the heart. Suffering is not terrible, if you control and conquer the suffering, suffering will be a Name Necklace, make you more beautiful.

She is the one by the fans favorite women’s billiards world champion, at the billiards table high-spirited, glorious “black widow” – Janet Lee.

A necklace not for sale

Come and drink! ”

The girl said loudly, until the end of the banquet, the girl never looked at the boy!

Soon after, a man broke into the girl’s life. Man said. He has nothing, only money!

The following are the same as the ”

When he put the sparkling gold jewelry on the girl! But also captured the girl sinking love vanity heart.

They soon rented a house outside the cohabitation. Men are obedient to girls. The girl secretly glad that their choice between boys and men!

For girls, it was a happy day!

But did not last long! In the girls found themselves bad at the same time, also found a man missing!

When the landlord once again to urge her to pay rent, she had to go into the pawn shop, put all their gold jewelry on the counter!

The boss looked at his eyes and said, “What do you do with so many gold – plated jewels?

The girl suddenly live!

Then the boss’ s eyes light up, clawed a pile of jewelry, come up with the bottom of the necklace said: “Well, this is a real gold Name Necklace, worth a little money.

The following are the same as the ”

Girl a look, this is not the boy to send her that fake gold necklace?

Pawn shop owner took the heart-shaped Custom Name Necklace asked: “Hey, how much do you intend to?”

The girl suddenly grabbed the necklace away …